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Local Government Elections

Local Government Elections

Local government ordinary elections are held every two years, on the third Saturday in October.

The Shire of Kellerberrin has four (4) vacancies for a four (4) year term.
An Election will be held on Saturday 21st October 2023 at the Shire Administration Office.

Councillors are elected for four year terms, with half of the Councillors’ terms concluding at each biennial election.

Who can vote?

To be eligible to nominate as a candidate you must be an elector of the district (residential or owner/occupier) and over 18 years of age. More information on eligibility can be found here.

Anyone who is enrolled to vote for the local government district or ward that’s holding the extraordinary election is eligible to vote. This includes the following electors:  

  • Residents: All residents in a local government district who are enrolled on the State electoral roll are automatically enrolled on the corresponding local government roll.  

  • Owners and Occupiers: People who own or occupy property within a local government district, can apply to their local government to be included on the roll as an owner/occupier, as long as they areeligible electors. A body corporate may apply to have up to two eligible electors to be included on the owner/occupier roll.  If you own or occupy rateable property in a local government area but are not on the State electoral roll for the ward or district for which you are claiming entitlement, you canapply to the relevant local government to be on the Owners and Occupiers Roll, provided that you meet other eligibility requirements. 

Enrol or Update to Vote

You are automatically enrolled to vote if you are on the State Electoral Roll for the Shire of Kellerberrin. If you are not already on the State Electoral Roll and meet the eligibility criteria, or if you have changed address recently, you must complete an enrolment form which is available from the Local Government Office, all post offices, all Australian Electoral Commission Offices or the Western Australian Electoral Commission.

The electoral roll closes around 8 weeks before the election. To vote, you must be on the electoral roll before rolls close (see dates above). Enrol to vote or update your enrolment details online.

Checking Your Enrolment

Persons wishing to check whether they are enrolled on the State Roll for the Shire of Kellerberrin already can do so by visiting the WA Electoral Commission website:

Persons wishing to check whether they are on the Council’s Owners/Occupiers Roll can contact the Shire of Kellerberrin.

Do I have to vote? 

Voting is not compulsory however it is strongly encouraged. Voting means you have a say in who represents you on your local council.  


Prospective candidates are encouraged to view the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries website which provides further information for candidates on the local government elections and covers the following:

To nominate as a candidate for a local government election, the candidate must submit an application consisting of:

  • a completed nomination form. The Shire of Kellerberrin election is being run by the WAEC, it is recommended that candidates use Nomination Builder to complete their nomination form and construct their candidate profile.
  • a candidate profile which must:
    • be in English
    • be no more than 1000 characters (including spaces)
    • not contain false, defamatory or misleading information
    • fit on an A4 page
    • include the candidate’s full name and contact information
    • a photograph, no larger than passport-sized and taken in the last six months (optional).
  • a deposit of $100. The deposit can be paid by cash, cheque or EFT to the Local Government. Deposits are required to discourage frivolous nominations.

Candidates may also provide a written statement in English, of up to 2,000 characters (including spaces) with their nomination paper (optional).

All nomination applications must be signed by the candidate in front of a witness.

The nomination application must be submitted to the Returning Officer during the nomination period.

Returning Officer

As the Returning Officer may ask candidates to amend their nomination, it is recommended that candidates ensure they have allowed sufficient time to finalise any required changes before the close of nominations.

Local Government Candidate Induction

New laws have been introduced which makes it compulsory for all candidates nominating in a local government election to complete the department’s online induction.

You will be asked to declare that you have completed the online induction when filling out your nomination form. It is an offence to make false or misleading statements on the nomination form.

At the end of the induction you will need to fill in your details to register your completion. Please make sure you press the registration button at the end or your completion will not be registered. You should receive an email confirming you have completed the induction.

Please keep this for your records. The induction should take no longer than one hour to complete.

To complete the Local Government Candidate Induction, go to the link below:

Past Elections

Please see below results of previous Local Government Elections:

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