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Council’s Ranger Services are provided by WA Contract Ranger Services and will visit the region on a fortnightly basis, with possible additional visits whenever necessary.

Please contact the Shire Administration Office on 9045 4006 if you have any queries or complaints in relation to dogs or cats. 

Animal Control

Responsible Dog Ownership

Owning a dog can provide significant benefits to not only to you, but also the community in which you live. Responsible pet ownership is rewarding and the Shire encourages responsible pet ownership.

Controlling your Dog

Ensure your dog is not able to roam freely. If found roaming, your dog will be impounded, and you will need to contact the Shire Office. 

Fees are imposed on all impounded animals and are payable to the Shire before the release of the dog. Fees apply for impounded dogs, in addition to a daily sustenance fee. Dogs can be released Monday to Friday during Shire office hours. 

Please note all dogs are required to be registered with the Shire prior to release.

Barking Dogs

If a barking dog is bothering you, or any other repetitive noise the dog is making, the first step you should take is to contact the owner in a polite manner and let them know that their dog’s behaviour is affecting you. If you don’t feel comfortable approaching the dog owner, we suggest you leave a polite note in their letterbox. Remember to include as much information as possible, such as specific times when the barking occurs and any other behaviours you’ve witnessed. It’s quite often the case that the owner is unaware their dog is misbehaving while they’re out and the matter can be easily resolved by just letting them know.

It is important that you provide accurate information on when the dog is causing a nuisance such as:

  • Date, time and duration of dog barking;
  • Reason for dog barking;
  • Where the dog is barking (front, back or side of property); and
  • Any other relevant information to assist the dog owner in dealing with the issue.

Dog Attacks

Dog attacks are a serious offence carrying with them substantial penalties. Ensure your dog is fully restrained at home and is on a leash and under control at all times when in public.  

The Dog Act 1976 interprets an “attack” to be:

  • Aggressively rushing at or harassing any person or animal or
  • Biting, or otherwise causing physical injury to, a person or animal or
  • Tearing clothing on, or otherwise causing damage to the property of, the person attacked or
  • Attempting to attack, or behaving in such a manner toward a person as would cause a reasonable person to fear injury.

As a dog owner, you are legally responsible for how your dog behaves. By managing your dog correctly, you can prevent it from attacking people and animals: 

  • Never allow your dog to wander unsupervised
  • Install secure fencing and regularly check it
  • When out keep your dog on a leash.

When in any public place, your dog must be tethered or on a leash unless the place is a designated dog exercise area. As an owner, you are still completely responsible for the control and behaviour of your dog. Keep your dog and family safe. Allowing your dog to wander puts its health at risk and can even endanger yours. 

As a dog owner you can be fined up to $10,000, or even be charged with manslaughter, if your dog attacks.

If you, or someone you observe, are threatened or attacked by dogs, contact the ranger. If serious or life threatening injuries are sustained call 000 or seek the required medical attention.

Owning More than 2 Dogs

The Maximum number of Dogs Under Dog Act 1976 Section 26(3) and the Shire’s Dogs Local Law, residents who wish to keep more than two dogs. Only two dogs and their puppies (under three months of age) can be kept on a property without a permit.

If the property where the dogs are to be kept is located in a residential area, all owners and occupiers of any properties within 50m of the property boundary will be contacted by the Shire for approval or objection. If the premises where the dogs are to be kept is located in a rural zone, then all property owners and occupiers of any properties within 100m of the property boundary will be contacted by the Shire for approval or objection.

If a property owner or occupier objects to a permit being issued, reasons must be documented in writing and sent to the Shire for assessment.   The Shire must ensure that the property is adequately fenced so that the dogs cannot escape and you may be required to erect a purpose built dog compound to contain your dogs.


Responsible Cat Ownership

The Shire of Kellerberrin promotes responsible cat ownership practices and encourages that cats:

  • Be kept indoors after dark (or at least contained on their own property)
  • Wear a bell on their collar to alert potential prey of their presence
  • Be prevented from exhibiting “nuisance” behaviours, such as:
    • Entering other people’s properties
    • Creating excessive noise
    • Urinating, spraying, or defecating on other people’s property or in public areas
    • Preying on birds and other wildlife
    • Fighting.

Ensuring you provide your cat with adequate food, water, and exercise, and contain it within your property will go a long way toward preventing your cat from engaging in “nuisance behaviour”.