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Cat/Dog Registration

The Shire Administration Office will process all dog and cat registrations. You will need to provided microchip and sterilisation documents for all new registrations.

Registrations are due for renewal on 31st October of the applicable year and can be registered for either 1 year, 3 years or lifetime. Concessions are applied for Pensioners and Working Dogs (evidence may be requested)


Dog Act 1976 requires all dogs over the age of 3 months to be microchipped and registered in their local government district.

It is important that you advise your local council and microchip database company of any changes in your or your dog’s personal details, so they can maintain accurate records.

In Western Australia, all dogs over three months of age must be registered with a Local Government.  Once your dog is registered with your local government, you will be issued a registration certificate, as well as a valid registration tag which your dog is required to wear on its collar.

A registered animal is easier to identify and reunite with its owner if lost or injured. It provides valuable information on the Shire’s dog population to help investigate and resolve dog problems.



Registration lengthCost for a sterilised dogCost for an unsterilised dog
1 year$20 ($10 for pensioner concession*)$50 ($25 for pensioner concession*)
3 years$42.50 ($21.25 for pensioner concession*)$120 ($60 for pensioner concession*)
Lifetime$100 ($50 for pensioner concession*)$250 ($125 for pensioner concession*)

* Working dogs are eligible for 1/4 fee   


The cat laws are not only about responsible pet ownership, they are also aimed at reducing the number of unwanted cats in the community and the number that are euthanised each year. Microchipping and registration will also ensure your cat is returned to you if they get lost.

All cats that have reached 6 months of age will need to be:

  • Microchipped;
  • Sterilised; and
  • Registered with the relevant local government 

The Cat Act 2011 requires the identification, registration and sterilisation of domestic cats, and gives Local Governments the power to administer and enforce the legislation.

The legislation will provide for better management of the unwanted impacts of cats on the community and the environment, as well as encourage responsible cat ownership.

Registration length Cost for a sterilised cat (all cats must be sterilised)
1 year $20 ($10 for pensioner concession*)
3 years $42.50 ($21.25 for pensioner concession*)
Lifetime $100 ($50 for pensioner concession*)

*Pensioner concession of 50% applies to holders of:

  • A current Pensioner Concession card, or;
  • A Centrelink Commonwealth Seniors Health Card together with a Seniors Card, or;
  • A Department of Veteran Affairs Commonwealth Seniors Health Card together with a Seniors Card.


To register your pet please visit the Shire Administration Office in normal business hours.