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The Kellerberrin Cemetery is located on Cemetery Road, Kellerberrin. It has recently had a major upgrade, which included a New Ashes Path, landscaping, limestone walls and new additional sections.

Further redevelopment includes bitumen roads, new picket fencing around the perimeter, new entrance undercover parking and denomination maps display case.

Kellerberrin Cemetery consists of:

  • Ashes Path
  • Roman Catholic
  • Methodist
  • Anglican
  • Presbyterian
  • Other Denomination
  • Aboriginal

Your designated Funeral Director will be able to assist you in all matters concerning a funeral and will provide you with the relevant application forms.

For burial information or reservations, please contact Cemetery Officer, Jacki Peak at the Shire of Kellerberrin Office on 9045 4006 or via email


Grant Right of Burial

Tenure on private graves is specified in a legal document called the “Grant of Right of Burial”.  It is important to give careful consideration when nominating a person or agreeing to hold the Grant of Right of Burial as the Grantee has the right to all activities within the grave plot area.  This includes approval to place cremated remains, for further burials in the nominated grave plot, and/or to erect monumental work upon the grave.  In some situations conflict can arise and responsibility for the outcome lies with the holder of the Grant.


Monuments are not installed by Council and a separate application is completed through a monument mason, with the permission of the holder of the Grant of Right of Burial.

If a monument is placed before adequate settling of the area has occurred, it is possible that the monument may be damaged through the ground movement during the settling process, which could result in cracks and broken monuments. As all monumental masons are made aware of this requirement, the Council accepts no responsibility for settlement of the site affecting the monument.

Monument designs should be in keeping with what already exists within each cemetery.

Each memorial shall be placed on proper and substantial foundations to suit each cemetery.