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Australian citizenship is a privilege offering enormous rewards and is an important step in your migration story. Becoming an Australian citizen means that you are making an ongoing commitment to Australia and our shared values. It is also the beginning of your formal membership of the Australian community.  It is the step that will enable you to say ‘I am Australian’.

The Shire of Kellerberrin is proud to welcome those who choose to take up Australian Citizenship.

Making a Pledge

At your Australian citizenship ceremony, you will make the Australian Citizenship Pledge. In doing so, you are making a public commitment to Australia and accepting the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.

At the citizenship ceremony, you will pledge:

  • your loyalty to Australia and its people
  • that you will share Australia’s democratic beliefs and respect its rights and liberties
  • to uphold and obey the laws of Australia

You do not become an Australian citizen until you have made your pledge of commitment to Australia.

How to Apply for Citizenship

You can apply for Australian Citizenship online or request paper copies of relevant forms from the Department of Home Affairs.  Lodge your completed application together with an application fee to the Department.  You will be asked to attend an appointment to have an interview and sit a citizenship test. 

For more information visit Department of Home Affairs or call 131 881.

You will be advised by letter when your application has been approved. Following this, Immigration will forward a report to Council listing the names of those who have recently been approved. Council will then request certificates advising Immigration of the ceremony date.