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Historic Buildings

Kellerberrin Historic Buildings

Kellerberrin Post Office

This impressive building was the second post office to be built in Kellerberrin, replacing the original Post Office that was built on the site where Roshana Care Groups Dryandra now stands. Although constructed in 1912 the Post Office was not officially opened until 7th March 1913. The tender for the construction was let to Messrs W & J Parkes of Kalgoorlie for 2,882 pounds 9 shillings and 8 pence. This grand building now is a private residence with business space at the front and is currently on the market.

The Preventorium

The Prev, formerly known as The Kellerberrin Preventorium and St Joseph’s Preventorium, was built from 1926 to1928. It was built by the Kellerberrin Hotel’s publican of the day Mr. Stuart Patterson and gifted to the Catholic Church to be used as a Preventorium. The Kellerberrin Preventorium housed children until the mid 1970’s, when the Catholic Church made a decision to cease operation at this site. Now known as The Prev it offers accommodation and function centre.

Agricultural Hall

Kellerberrin Agricultural Hall
This building was originally built as an Agricultural Hall in 1897, for the cost of 250 pounds. Today this historic hall serves as the local Museum, The Pioneer Museum can be located on Leake Street and features local memorabilia as well as old farming machinery and implements within the grounds.

St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church

Located on James Street Kellerberrin this historic church was built for a cost of 1,135 pounds and opened on the 15th October 1916. Prior to the opening of the church mass was held at either the Agricultural Hall or the private residence of Mr and Mrs Wood. A parish was not established until 1910 with Father John O’Reilly as the first parish priest.

Anglican Church

The Anglican Church of Australia, St John the Baptist, Kellerberrin. The Foundation Stone was laid by Hon. James Mitchell M.L.A., on 16th February 1910, in 1963 the church was closed by the Public Works Department after it had become unsafe due to winter flooding.

Uniting Church

Originally a Methodist Church, the building was constructed and opened in 1910. The Reverend Fred Finch, the first Methodist Minister in the district, laid the Foundation Stone. The front porch was added in 1939 and rear hall in the 1960s.

Old Kellerberrin Fire Station

The old Kellerberrin fire station was constructed from granite stone quarried from the Kellerberrin Hill. Work on the building commenced in April 1914 and the station was officially opened on the 27th October 1914. The project cost 590 pounds, with extensions to the building carried out in 1935 at a cost of 700 pounds. As Kellerberrin did not have a Town Hall the Fire Station was used for a variety of social events over the years, as well as weekly dances to help raise funds during the Second World War. The brigade has now moved to new premises on Leake St, the old building once housed the Telecentre, Library and Vehicle Licensing Centre and is now privately owned.

Kellerberrin National Australia Bank

The National Australia Bank building can be located on Massingham Street. This grand building was built in 1910-1911. Construction of the bank premises was complete in February, 1911 and the official opening took place on 22 February. NAB bought this site in 1908. Prior to that, the bank operated out of temporary premises. NAB still resides in this building and is the only operating bank in town at present.

Bank of New South Wales

The former Bank of New South Wales on Massingham Street was erected in 1927. The bank first had a presence in town from 1910 in another building. 1817 on the building is the year the Bank of N.S.W. was established, not the year this building was built.

Kellerberrin Hospital

The memorial hospital was opened on the 29th June 1921 by the Minister for Education, Mr H. Colebatch. The building cost £3,250 with equipment and furnishing costing £500.

Massingham House

Originally constructed for the Commercial Bank for a cost of 1,224 pounds, the bank was built in 1912. The building was named Massingham House after Caleb Massingham a pioneer of the Kellerberrin District. In 1942 the building was bought by Mr George Bevan who lived in the quarters and operated a dental clinic from the offices for several years. The building is now a private residence.

Kellerberrin Flour Mill

The earliest record reports that in 1910, Mr Harry Arthur Stanes was appointed Manager of the Union Flour Milling Co Ltd at Kellerberrin. W Thomas & Co (WA) Pty Ltd was formed in 1927 to purchase the Kellerberrin and Cottesloe Mills from FC Piesse and the Northam Mill from W Thomas & Co of Adelaide. The Mill was substantially remodeled in the 1940's when modern diesel motors replaced the original wood fired gas engines. The building is now ownded by Eastern Districts Seed Cleaning Co. and run as a seed cleaning business.