Heritage Buildings

Post Office

Post Office

This was the second post office to be built in Kellerberrin, replacing the original PO that was built on the site where Dryandra Frail Aged Hostel now stands.

Although constructed in 1912 it did not open until 7th March 1913. The tender for the construction was let to Messrs W & J Parkes of Kalgoorlie for 2,882 pounds 9 shillings and 8 pence.

This building continues to be used as Kellerberrin’s Post Office.

Pioneer Museum

Pioneer Museum

This building was originally built as an Agricultural Hall in 1897 and was the reason for the outburst in parliament when the member for Yilgarn the Hon. CJ Moran had no objections to the government of the day spending 250 pounds building a hall where only “a man, his dog and a dead kangaroo existed’ but that he thought the money would e better spent in the Goldfields (his electorate).

The Museum is located on Leake Street and features local memorabilia as well as old farming machinery and implements within the grounds.

The Museum is open on Sunday’s 2pm – 4pm. Gold Coin donation welcomed on arrival.

St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church


Built for a cost of 1,135 pounds and opened on the 15th October 1916. The first catholic mass celebrated in Kellerberrin was in 1903 and took place in the private residence of Mr and Mrs Woods. Between 1903 and 1910 mass was held at either the Agricultural hall or the Wood’s house. A parish was not established until 1910 with Father John O’Reilly as the first parish priest.

The church is located on James Street.

Massingham House


Originally constructed for the Commercial Bank for a cost of 1,224 pounds, the bank was built in 1912. In 1942 the building was bought by Mr George Bevan who lived in the quarters and operated a dental clinic from the offices for several years. The Commonwealth Bank operated from this building for some time and on closure the building was sold privately. It has since operated as a boutique but is now a residence. The building was named Massingham House after Caleb Massingham a pioneer of the Kellerberrin District.

This building is now a private residence.

Old Kellerberrin Fire Station

In March 1912, a meeting was held between members of the Kellerberrin Road Board and the WA Fire Brigades Board, the outcome of which was to extend the Fire Brigades Act to the district of Kellerberrin. Subsequently in May 1912, Kellerberrin was gazetted as a fire district. At this time, the fire brigade was housed in a temporary facility, which was actually a blacksmith’s shop that was “but little larger than a rat trap”. Tenders were called for the construction of the fire station and the successful tenderer was Mr S. Rowe of Cottesloe, for a price of 590 pounds ($1770). The new station was constructed from granite stone quarried from the Kellerberrin hill and included a fireman’s quarters as it was anticipated that an officer was to sleep at the station. Work on the building commenced in April 1914 and the station was officially opened on the 27th October 1914. Extensions to the building were carried out in 1935 at a cost of 700 pounds ($2100) by local builders Messrs Cook and Wakefield.

As Kellerberrin did not have a Town Hall until 1959, the Fire Station was used for a variety of social events over the years as well as weekly dances to help raise funds during the Second World War. The brigade has now moved to new premises on Leake St, the old building was housing the Telecentre, Library and Vehicle Licensing Centre and is now privately owned.