Town Planning Services

The Shire of Kellerberrin operates a district Town Planning Scheme which encompasses the whole of the municipal district.

Although there are minor exemptions from obtaining approval for a project, applications for town planning approval are required for all proposed constructions including residential constructions on a residential site.

There are three distinct documents that impact on development, these being:

  • Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015
  • Planning and Development Regulations 2009
  • Local Planning Scheme No.4 – Amendment No.1

Planning Approvals

The Shire of Kellerberrin Local Planning Scheme requires that all development, unless exempted, obtain the prior approval of Council for the proposed development.

The planning approval of Council is NOT required in the following cases:

  1. The use of land in a reserve owned by Council or a public authority;
  2. The use of land which is a permitted use, unless the proposal  includes the erection of buildings or other works;
  3. The erection of a boundary fence. Note that plans are required under Council’s fencing local laws;
  4. The carryout of works in a street or road by a public authority;
  5. Works undertaken on the internal of a building which does not affect the external of the building;
  6. The carrying out of urgent works.

Plans are still required to be submitted for a building licence.

Home Business

The Shire of Kellerberrin Local Planning Scheme requires that Home Occupations be registered and licensed with the local government.

Home Businesses include the operation of a business from home eg. electrician, builder, personal care-hairdresser, masseur, beauty products and the like.

Home occupations are not permitted to be established in residential areas unless their operation will not impact on the health and well being of the community around the proposed location.

Scheme Amendments

The purpose of the review is to ascertain whether the scheme is current and relevant to the proper planning management of the district and to assist with encouraging business into Kellerberrin.

Scheme amendments are considered when a proposal can not be properly reviewed and the overall impact of the proposal benefits the district and community. Scheme amendments can be utilised to:

  • provide special use zones,
  • rezone a property to permit development,
  • amend the scheme text to permit a development, not previously considered, to proceed, and
  • make policies that ensure that development proceeds to the overall benefit of the community.