The Shire of Kellerberrin provide core services such as streetscape maintenance, roads, waste management, building maintenance and are now also venturing into the provision of services that benefit the community socially, economically, environmentally and culturally.

In summary, our Council provides the following core services to our community:

  • general engineering and public works, such as design, construction and maintenance of assets for stormwater, local roads, footpaths, parks and gardens, streetscape;
  • provision of waste management services such as Waste Transfer Site, rubbish collection and recycling bins;
  • animal welfare and control;
  • provision and maintenance of recreational facilities, such as Swimming Pool, Recreation Centre, Greater Sports Ground and Centenary Park;
  • provision of community services;
  • assist in the provision of a local doctor;
  • provision of local emergency services;
  • environmental management;
  • building and facility maintenance and management;
  • building inspection and approvals;
  • strategic, regional and town planning and development;
  • economic development and tourism’ and
  • provision of maintenance of facilities and buildings, such as Kellerberrin Memorial Hall, Airstrip, Cemetery and Caravan Park.

In addition to these, our Council also provides services to:

  • undertake planning at a local regional level for the long term development of the Shire;
  • represent the community at a regional level, lobbying, advocating, communicating, coordinating and collaborate with other local, state, federal and regional organisations, where appropriate;
  • promote, express and communicate the community’s vision, objectives, concerns and initiatives to other levels of Government;
  • Provide facilities, services and programs that improve the welfare of the community and the region, socially, economically and environmentally, as well as enhance the general amenity of the area to attract and benfit the community members and visitors to the area; and
  • manage resources efficiently and effectively to deliver service, programs, and infrastructure to the community.

These services are provided to the Community from three main sources of revenue:

  • Annual Rates
  • Charges for sale of goods and services
  • Grant and other funding from State and Federal Governments.